Your hosted status page

The heart of your statuspad is your hosted status page. It's the place where your customers can see the current status of your services and get notified about incidents. Fortunately, it's also highly customizable and can be configured to match all your needs.

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Your custom domain with SSL
Brand-specific customization
Hosted on own infrastructure
Private status pages
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Keep your audience informed

Uninformed customers will tend to contact your support team during incidents and maintenances. Proactive communication can noticeable reduce stress on your support staff. statuspad offers a variety of different notification integrations for your audience.

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Use your own SMTP server
Pushover, Slack & Co.
Manually add subscribers
Granular notification settings
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Incidents and maintenances

Our incident and maintenance management system allows you to communicate and track the whole lifecycle of all relevant events for your audience - from the initial investigation to the resolution. Recurring and planned maintenances are automatically handled without manual intervention.

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Timeline view for each event
Social media preview images
Unlimited event archive
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GDPR-compliant status page

statuspad has been developed with the GDPR in mind and can be used out-of-the-box in the European Union without any compliance issue. We are a German-based company and all our servers are located in the European Union.

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100% GDPR-compliant
ISO 27001 certified datacenter
Electronically-signed DPA
Privacy-first approach
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The right price for you, whoever you are.

Get started for free and upgrade as you grow. Our plans fit any budget from a hobby project to large enterprise.


Get a basic statuspad for your hobby project with our free plan.


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  • 1 concurrent issue
  • 1 concurrent maintenance
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The perfect featureset for small businesses.

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  • 9 components
  • Unlimited issues
  • Unlimited maintenances
  • 5 team members
  • 100 subscribers
  • Custom domain
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No limitations and dedicated support for larger enterprises.

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/ month (excl. VAT)

  • Unlimited components
  • Unlimited issues
  • Unlimited maintenances
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Custom domain
  • Priority support
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